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Oculus Quest's Guardian Is Getting Color Options & Static Object Warnings In Setup

Oculus Quest's Guardian Is Getting Color Options & Static Object Warnings In Setup

Soon you’ll be able to change the Oculus Quest Guardian boundary color, and during setup you’ll be warned if there’s a static object in your playspace.

Guardian is the safety boundary system on the Oculus Quest and Rift headsets. When using the headset in a new room for the first time, the user is prompted to set up a boundary. This is done inside the headset in black & white augmented reality by pointing and “painting” with the Touch controllers.

When you walk near the boundary in VR it becomes visible, marking out the safe area to play VR. If you walk through it, you’ll see the real world again (in black & white).

Until now, Guardian’s only available color was light blue. On the original Rift app developers could change the color themselves, but this no longer works.

Facebook will soon let users choose between blue, purple, and yellow on Quest.

Another new feature for Guardian is ‘Playspace Scan’. When setting up your playspace, if there’s an object such as a table within it you’ll be warned about it and asked to redraw. This isn’t a requirement however- it can be ignored by selecting ‘Continue’.

This doesn’t seem like a game-changing feature, as you can usually notice such furniture yourself.

However, the red dots highlighting objects within the playspace may hint toward an evolution of Guardian which could one day lead to automatic boundary generation and dynamic object warnings.

That may require future hardware, but it’s at least clear Facebook isn’t done with Quest’s Guardian just yet.

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