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Oculus Quest Gets Its Best Virtual Environment Yet - Cyber City

Oculus Quest Gets Its Best Virtual Environment Yet - Cyber City

A new virtual environment is available for Oculus Quest users, and it might just be the best one yet.

‘Cyber City’ is the sixth and most recent virtual environment available to the Oculus Quest, joining the standard Quest dome, the classic home, the winter lodge, the space station and the passthrough environments. It depicts a futuristic, cyberpunk city with some fantastic animations and ambient noises. You can check out footage below.

As you can see in the footage, this new environment has a number of small animations that work to great effect. Using animations in a Quest environments is not unique here, but in the cyber city it gives everything a bit more life and immersion than some of the others environments on offer. There’s a train that zooms along a suspended track in the distance, plus some flying cars navigating the space below it. In the room itself there’s a rotating fan, accompanied by some subtle-yet-effective ambient noises coming from the city.

The visuals are much more striking than some of the existing environments, and it feels much more alive and pleasant than the space station environment that preceded it. It goes without saying, but a cyber city is also just an incredibly apt setting for the main menu of a VR headset.

Cyber city should be available as an environment option for Quest users who are using the latest v20 software. You can switch to it by going to Settings and then to Virtual Environments, where you can download and enable it.

Are you using the cyber city environment? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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