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Oculus Quest Custom Home Environments Include Simpsons House And More

Oculus Quest Custom Home Environments Include Simpsons House And More

Everything you do on your Oculus Quest starts in the home environment – you can change your settings, purchase apps and launch yourself into virtual worlds. Users now have a way to create custom home environments, including locations from The Simpsons and other popular movies and TV shows.

From late last year, Facebook started to gradually roll out new environments to Oculus Quest users. While not everyone received the new environments immediately (and some still may not have received them), the feature allows Quest users to choose between the default Oculus Home environment and two new official Oculus environments, including a classic home location from the original Rift and a winter lodge.

However, users also found a way to use custom 3D environments in place of the new Oculus environments. While this method is not officially sanctioned by Oculus and is facilitated by third-party tools such as SideQuest, users created some amazing new environments based on famous settings from pop culture movies and TV shows.

As you can see, we tried out a bunch of custom environments such as the house from the Simpsons, the throne room from Game of Thrones, the garage from Rick and Morty and a version of Oculus’ winter lodge environment that replaces the standard skyline with a skyline of Gotham City.

The environments are impressive and surprisingly detailed. The video doesn’t do the environments justice either – while the default Quest homes are quite small, I maxed out the allowed guardian boundaries for the throne room and still didn’t have enough room to walk around the entire environment. Likewise, there is something very surreal about standing in the iconic Simpsons living room that you don’t quite get from the video.

We recommend trying the environments out for yourself. We wrote up a proper how-to article on the process of installing custom environments. You can also join the Quest Custom Home’s Discord server where you can find and links to the custom environments.

Have you tried out some custom environments on your Quest already? Let us know your favorites in the comments below and keep an eye out for our how-to guide in the coming days.

Article updated February 11 with a link to the how-to article explaining the steps to change your Quest home environment.

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