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Grab Obduction On PC Via GOG For Free Until June 1

Grab Obduction On PC Via GOG For Free Until June 1

Cyan, the developers behind classic adventure series Myst and upcoming Kickstarter-funded adventure game Firmament, released their spiritual follow-up Obduction back in 2016. The game builds on the puzzle-solving and atmospheric gameplay of their iconic series and you can get it for free until June 1 on GOG.

To claim Obduction for free, all you have to do is click on the above link and hit the green “Go to Giveaway” button you see under the trailer window. Scroll down on the next page until you spot the game and click “Get It Free,” and log in with your GOG account. Once this is done, the game should show up in your GOG game library.

Obduction is a science-fiction adventure game rather than a fantasy adventure like Myst. After an artifact descends from the sky, you are transported to various locations and time periods. The warmth and attention to detail seen in Myst is still alive and well in Obduction as it was designed by Cyan founder Rand Miller, who also portrayed the character Atrus in the Myst series.

GOG purchases don’t always support VR in the same way as Steam, but users have found some success enabling VR by altering the name of program files. You will also need to have SteamVR running when you launch the game. Your results may vary as VR support isn’t an explicit feature on the GOG version, but you will still be able to play it traditionally if you cannot get the VR mode to work, though it should. That being said, any chance to go inside a Cyan game’s virtual world is a chance worth taking.

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