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Start Learning A Language On Quest Using Noun Town, Available Now

Start Learning A Language On Quest Using Noun Town, Available Now

Immersive language learning VR app Noun Town is available now for Quest 2 and Quest Pro, with a PC VR release coming later in the month.

We first covered Noun Town back in September 2021, while it was in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign. A bit over a year later, it’s now available on Quest for $14.99, with a Steam release for PC VR to follow on December 15.

Noun Town currently supports Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Germany and Chinese. You’ll learn your chosen language by interacting with items on the island, completing minigames and progressing through 1000+ words and phrases.

In the trailer embedded above, you can see some examples of how the app uses the immersive capabilities of VR to teach you new words in different languages. You might browse a grocery store, for example, and pick up an item. The word for that item is then announced to you, after which you repeat it back to the app for verification using the Quest microphones.

While we can’t personally speak to the scientific grounds that might back up such a method, at first glance it seems the immersive nature of Noun Town could offer something more engaging and playful than traditional language learning tools. Noun Town is only designed for specific words and phrases, not full sentences, so it won’t be able to teach you an entire language. Regardless, it looks like a great way to start building up your vocabulary – we can’t wait to give it a try.

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