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Myst Studio To Publish VR Puzzler The Last Clockwinder, New Trailer

Myst Studio To Publish VR Puzzler The Last Clockwinder, New Trailer

Developer Pontoco debuted a new trailer for its upcoming VR puzzle game The Last Clockwinder, alongside announcements of new funding and publishing partnerships.

The trailer, embedded above, isn’t too dissimilar to the one we saw back in December. It shows off the basic premise of the game – create an automated chain of robots to solve puzzles, fueled by gestures and actions that you perform in VR that the robots can then mimic perfectly to create a supply chain.

Pontoco also noted that the concept for The Last Clockwinder didn’t start out as one designed for VR. “We didn’t set out to make a VR game, initially. But we stumbled on this mechanic, and the more we played with it, the more we realised we had to make this game,” said the studio, in a prepared statement. “We wanted to make an automation game, but where you were the machines.”

The studio also announced two new partnerships this week, one of which is with Cyan Ventures. The core Cyan team is best known for its seminal adventure game, Myst, as well as upcoming VR title, Firmament. But the Ventures arm is a publishing team that’s also working on other VR titles like Area Man Lives. The other partnership is with Robot Teddy, a consulting and funding team that worked on Superhot VR and is also helping bring Among Us VR to headsets soon.

The Last Clockwinder is still set for release later this year in the summer for both Quest 2 and PC VR.

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