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Moss: Book II Launches July 21 On Quest 2

Moss: Book II Launches July 21 On Quest 2

Good news for Quest 2 owners — Moss: Book II is coming to the headset on July 21.

We just announced the release date live at our Upload VR Showcase, alongside a bunch of other game reveals and announcements.

Moss: Book II Quest 2 Release Date Confirmed

Moss: Book II released earlier this year in March, exclusively on PSVR. However it’s been pretty clear from the get go that it would be coming to other headsets. Not only did the developers confirm as much a few days before release, but just a couple of weeks later we got confirmation of a Summer release for Quest 2.

Well, the wait is almost over, with the Quest 2 version set to launch just over 3 months after its launch on PSVR. In addition, Polyac is also launching the game’s soundtrack to own physically and digitally.

We enjoyed Moss: Book II as a solid sequel to the first game, but still felt it lacked some oomph that could propel it to something greater. Nonetheless, we have it a Recommend rating – here’s an except from our review:

For the most part, Moss: Book 2 is the satisfying sequel you’d expect. It adds brilliant new gameplay mechanics that make for some innovative combat encounters, whilst puzzles prove to be a surprise highlight … But, just as with the first entry, you’re left wanting more of just about everything; its a longer game but still on the lean side, ending just as its best ideas start to get fleshed out. Greedy as it may sound, this still isn’t the sweeping epic you know this series has in it, but instead another reassuring step towards getting there. 

Moss: Book II is available for PSVR now and releases for Quest 2 on July 21.

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