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Mixture Releases February 23 For Quest 2

Mixture Releases February 23 For Quest 2

Mixture, an upcoming action-adventure platformer, will release on the Quest platform on February 23.

The game was announced in the second half of last year, with confirmed 2023 releases for both Quest and PSVR 2. While the PSVR 2 release date is still to be confirmed, we now know that you’ll be able to get playing Mixture on Quest 2 and Quest Pro in just under two weeks.

Developed by Polish studio Played With Fire, Mixture sees you control two characters through a Moss-inspired high fantasy platformer. There’s Sola, a small moth knight who you’ll navigate around the game’s environments, and then Sephairos, the Master Alchemist who you’ll simultaneously embody at roomscale.

We were able to go hands-on with Mixture last year at Gamescom. Here’s an except from our write up, discussing the game’s unique features that set it apart:

What’s most interesting about Mixture is how it tries to significantly build on its sources of inspiration – this isn’t a clone, but a game that introduces some seriously different mechanics as well. For starters, Mixture features a dynamic camera. While Moss used a stationary camera that faded in and out between vignettes, Mixture opts for something more complex. The camera glides alongside Sola as you move her around the world, which gives a slightly more polished feel.

However, it’s the titular mechanic that provides the biggest gameplay shake-up. As mentioned earlier, you won’t just be controlling Sola in Mixture – you’ll be simultaneously embodying Sephairos, the Master Alchemist, at roomscale. While Sola runs, jumps and slashes around, you’ll be able to scout for minerals in the environment as Sephairos and harvest them as needed. You can then use the minerals to craft bottled mixtures, which you can throw around the environment to aid Sola in various ways. 

You can read our full Mixture hands-on from last year here.

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