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Mixed Reality Software LIV Gets Impressive Cross-Game Avatar Support In 1.0 Update

Mixed Reality Software LIV Gets Impressive Cross-Game Avatar Support In 1.0 Update

Today LIV, the leading third party mixed reality software, is officially exiting Early Access with its 1.0 release. With that news today also comes one of its biggest updates yet which introduces cross-game avatars for mixed reality capture.

This will create an almost Ready Player One meets VRChat style vibe for streamers and content creators because they can setup LIV for mixed reality capture — to put them inside the game itself using cameras — and then reskin their body to be whatever digital avatar they want. It’s really, really impressive. Check it out in the 1.0 release trailer:

What makes the avatar update especially awesome is that you don’t even need a webcam or capture card at all to use the feature — just your VR headset and controllers. The LIV app itself does the rest. You can then output footage in four different camera modes: selfie, third-person, first-person, or gamepad. And if you have SteamVR trackers, you can use those to improve tracking for full-body calibration too.

If it seems confusing, there’s a tutorial to help with setup:

LIV is a great software that I’ve used in the past, but since I don’t have much space to make a proper green screen/mixed reality studio in my home office at the moment, I’ve mostly stopped using it for now. For games like Beat Saber it’s amazing though. And in the trailer up at the top of this article you can see it being used in a wide variety of games.

Who do you want to be the next time you’re in VR? Let us know down in the comments below!

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