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Meta Quest Move Fitness Stats Can Now Sync To Android Health Too

Meta Quest Move Fitness Stats Can Now Sync To Android Health Too

Meta Quest Move fitness stats can now sync to Android Health Connect.

Formerly known as Oculus Move, the feature of Quest headsets monitors your physical activity to track the calories you burn in VR, your move minutes, and your workout intensity. It’s mainly intended for fitness apps like Supernatural, but it works in all apps, and gives you a per-app breakdown of the stats.

Meta added support for syncing Move stats to Apple Health via the iPhone app in the summer, but Android was absent until now. Since several popular health services exist on Android phones, the syncing happens through Google’s Health Connect app. It lets you share health data between the various platforms.

To enable this, you’ll need to first set Move to sync to the Quest phone app via the toggle inside VR. Once you’ve done that, install Health Connect on your phone and give the Meta Quest app permission to write to it. Meta’s instructions also mention having to enable Health Connect in the Quest app, but that option isn’t showing up yet on my phone.

Fitness has emerged in recent years as an unexpectedly popular use case for VR, despite the relative heft and bulk of Quest 2. Apps like Supernatural, Les Mills Bodycombat, and FitXR have built up a userbase of paying subscribers, and rhythm games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip are used for workouts too. As future headsets get lighter and fitness apps start supporting mixed reality, this use case is poised to grow even more.

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