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Meta Quest Was The #1 Free iPhone App On Christmas Day

Meta Quest Was The #1 Free iPhone App On Christmas Day

The Meta Quest iPhone app was the top free app on the App Store on Christmas Day.

UploadVR independently verified that the app held the position on December 25, and multiple screenshots posted to social media suggest it maintained the position until at least December 27. This also happened on Christmas Day 2021.

The Meta Quest app is required to set up Quest headsets such as the currently sold Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3. That it would be the most downloaded free app for iPhone suggests very strong sales of at least one of these headsets over the holiday period.

This is Quest 3's first Christmas of course, having just launched in October, but we suspect many Christmas Day setups were actually of Quest 2. Meta has continued to sell the older headset, likely due to Quest 3's much steeper entry price of $500, and has discounted it to its lowest price ever, just $250.

There's also evidence that Quest headset sales were strong on Black Friday, with a market research firm estimating that Black Friday saw the "biggest ever revenue week for VR" in the UK.

Black Friday “Biggest Ever Revenue Week For VR” In The UK
Black Friday 2023 saw the “biggest ever revenue week for VR” in the UK, according to a market research firm.

With blockbuster titles like Assassins's Creed Nexus and Asgard's Wrath 2 now available, new Quest 3 features like inside-out body tracking arriving, and a 'Quest 3 Lite' rumored to be inbound, 2024 could see the building momentum of Meta's XR platform continue.

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