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VR Edition Of Indie Game Lost Ember Available Now For PC VR

VR Edition Of Indie Game Lost Ember Available Now For PC VR

The VR Edition of indie adventure game Lost Ember is now available for PC VR, bundled for sale alongside the original game and available for free for existing players.

Lost Ember originally released for PC and consoles, but in January developers Mooneye Studios announced that a VR port would bring the short, narrative-focused indie experience to PC VR headsets, with support for Valve Index, Oculus and HTC Vive headsets.

You play as a wolf in Lost Ember, exploring the world around you alongside a spiritual companion, discovering more about the lost Yanrana culture. You’re able to possess other types of animals and creatures in the wilderness too, giving you a new perspective on the world or access to previously hidden areas.

Mooneye Studios says the VR Edition will give players roughly five hours of content. They also posted a new trailer specifically for the VR Edition, which you can see in the tweet embedded above.

While Lost Ember: VR Edition is listed as a separate entry on Steam, it’s only available as part of a bundle with the regular flatscreen edition. Likewise, the flat screen version of the game is only available in the bundle now too, so all players will receive both versions of the game with any purchase.

Mooneye Studios previously indicated that existing owners of Lost Ember should receive a copy of the VR Edition for free at launch, so those owners should now have a copy in their library automatically.

The Lost Ember bundle is available at a regular price of $29.99, but is available at 20% off until July 26. You can check it out over on Steam now.

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