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Lenovo Teases 'Legion VR700' Headset In Chinese Poster

Lenovo Teases 'Legion VR700' Headset In Chinese Poster

Lenovo teased a ‘Legion VR700’ headset in a poster shared on social media in China.

No specific details or specifications were announced. The poster shows a headset with a halo strap and at least two cameras on the top corners of the front, presumably for inside out tracking. No cable is visible, suggesting it’s a standalone headset.

Back in 2018 Lenovo partnered with Google on the $400 Mirage Solo, the first standalone headset with positional tracking launched outside China – though it was overshadowed by Facebook’s $200 rotation-only Oculus Go. In the years since Lenovo has shipped rotation-only standalone headsets of its own for the education market, under the VR Classroom brand.

In the PC VR space, Lenovo was one of Microsoft’s original partners for the 2017 Windows MR headsets, releasing the Lenovo Explorer based on Microsoft’s reference design. It also manufactured Oculus Rift S – which had an identical looking halo strap to the VR700 poster.

Legion is Lenovo’s gaming brand, suggesting this will be a consumer facing headset for playing VR games. It’s unknown whether Lenovo plans a global launch or if this headset will be limited to the China market, but notably the Legion label is in English.

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