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Learn How To Create Immersive 360-Degree Video Experiences

Learn How To Create Immersive 360-Degree Video Experiences

Since the release of the first motion picture camera in the 1890s, humans have been using video to tell compelling stories. Film is an expression of the human imagination; it enables us to see the world from another perspective and escape from our own lives, and 360-degree video and virtual reality are the newest mediums for telling immersive, emotional stories.

Whenever another medium arises, a unique opportunity presents itself to set a new paradigm and influence the next generation of storytellers. In this 2-day workshop presented in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, you will learn the basics of 360 filmmaking and create a short 360-degree video. You will go through the full production process from pre-production to distribution, learning techniques and evolving best practices. Upon completion, you will have a foundation of skills and knowledge to begin your journey as a 360-degree filmmaker.

Learn More About The Los Angeles 360-Degree Filmmaking Workshop

Learn More About The San Francisco 360-Degree Filmmaking Workshop

What’s Included

  • 2 days of intensive skills training
  • Samsung 360 cameras and GearVRs provided
  • Access to work with instructors one-on-one
  • One day pass to Upload SF or Upload LA
  • Healthy lunch & refreshments

Some Of The Skills You’ll Learn

  • 360-degree storytelling
  • How to create a production plan
  • How to shoot a 360-degree video
  • How to edit a 360-degree video

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