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Konrad The Kitten Has You Strapping Move Controllers To Plush Cats On PSVR

Konrad The Kitten Has You Strapping Move Controllers To Plush Cats On PSVR

PlayStation VR is about to get the add-on peripheral we’ve all been asking for: plush kitten toys.

Developer Konrad Kunze announced this week that his virtual pet simulator, Konrad the Kitten, will be coming to Sony’s headset on February 23rd while the PC versions with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support will leave Early Access at the same time. The game lets you raise your very own virtual kitten, feeding it and taking it out to play with none of the expensive vet bills and poo cleanups that come with owning a real cat. But there’s one key feature that makes the game stand out.

Konrad allows you to tape your respective motion controller to your own plush kitten toy to bring it into the game. In Plushy Mode, as it’s called, the game will track the position of your controller and mirror it to the location of the virtual cat, so you can pick it up and pet it as if it were really there.

This method works great on Rift and Vive, though we can’t help but wonder if occlusion issues might cause trouble for the PSVR version, though Kunze says it’s best to tape the controller facing away from the kitten’s head for the best results.

Konrad will let you customize the look of your kitten and then play mini-games to collect more accessories for it. If you haven’t picked the game up on PC yet then be aware the price will rise slightly from its $9.99 tag once it leaves Early Access, so it might be a good idea to grab it now.

Fair warning, though; if you thought you looked silly putting on a VR headset by itself just wait until you put one on and then start stroking a cat toy. Your neighbors will love that.

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