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Kiwi Announces Battery Strap For Quest 2, Coming Soon

Kiwi Announces Battery Strap For Quest 2, Coming Soon

Accessory company Kiwi announced its take on a Quest 2 battery strap, available soon.

Since the launch of the original Quest, we’ve seen a bunch of official and third party takes on battery straps that extend the playing time of standalone headsets in various ways.

This week, accessory company Kiwi announced its version of a Quest 2 battery strap, pitched as featuring a 6400mah battery built into the back of an Elite-style strap for the headset.

Just like other options, this strap from Kiwi will not only extend the time you can spend in Quest 2 in one session, but should also act as a counter-weight to balance the weight of the headset more effectively.

Kiwi says it is using a battery from Amprius, a California-based company that claims to ship batteries that are “the industry’s highest energy density cells”. Looking at the tweet above, it seems this 6400MAh Amprius battery will be located right at the back of the strap, similar to Meta’s official battery-clad Elite Strap option. In our testing, Meta’s Elite Strap provided about “double” the playtime to Quest 2.

The VR Power 2 — a pack which connects to the standard or Elite Quest 2 straps — features a 10,000MAh battery, roughly 3500MAh less than Kiwi’s option. In our testing, we found VR Power 2 added 6 hours and 10 minutes onto the standard Quest 2 battery.

There’s no exact release date for Kiwi’s battery strap, but keep an eye out for further details soon.

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