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Isle Of Pan Brings Supernatural Photography To PC VR

Isle Of Pan Brings Supernatural Photography To PC VR

Looking for a VR photography sim filled with supernatural creatures? Isle of Pan might be for you.

Developer Dog0’s debut game, Isle of Pan, is a surreal photography adventure set on a strange Nordic island. Citing Pokémon Snap’s creature photography, Myst and “the high strangeness of a David Lynch movie” as inspirations, here’s the full outline provided by the Steam page:

Document your exploration of a mysterious Nordic island in this open world photography adventure. Guided by your compendium, find and take photographs of the strange inhabitants to unlock pages and learn more about them. On your journey you’ll come across pocket portals hidden across the island. Open them to be transported to dreamlike experiences filled with even more creatures. Take your time and embrace your creativity on a imaginative trip through mythological realities.

From seagulls to banshees, Isle of Pan claims there’s over 100 creatures to photograph, each split between “12 pocket portals to discover and explore.” New camera skins are unlocked as you advance, alongside environment options like creating rainbows and changing the time of day. Flatscreen play is also supported, which can be swapped between first and third-person cameras.

Isle of Pan arrives this week for PC VR via Steam, and a free demo’s available now.

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