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In Death: Unchained Season 5 Brings New Siege Of Heaven Content

In Death: Unchained Season 5 Brings New Siege Of Heaven Content

A new update coming to In Death: Unchained will begin the game’s fifth season and includes a bunch of new content to the game’s Siege of Heaven game mode.

Back in December 2020, In Death: Unchained launched Siege of Heaven, a wave-based mode that sees you defending against enemies in shorter, more-focused rounds of gameplay.

This is very different to In Death’s main game mode, where you explore levels and fight off enemies in a roguelike format, dying and repeating over and over again to get further than last time.

The new updates to Siege of Heaven add two more maps to the wave-based mode, based off the Desolation world added to the main campaign in October 2021. Not only will these new maps be set in the Desolation environments, but they will feature the same enemies from that area as well.

One of the two new maps features the first 360 degree level, requiring you to defend from waves of enemies spawning from all angles.

In death unchained

As you can see from the trailer and screenshots, these new environments look absolutely fantastic and feature some stunning lighting and effects. This is thanks to the new real-time lighting system and volumetric fog effects that were implemented last October alongside Desolation.

Plus, players will now be able to select their starting special arrow for all Siege of Heaven runs, plus work to unlock 15 new achievements added to the mode.

In death unchained

In Death first released for PC VR but was ported and updated for Quest in 2020, released as In Death: Unchained. Since then, the Quest release has received several exclusive updates, surpassing the PC VR version and offering much more new content. We enjoyed the game at the time of release and gave it a ‘Great’ in our review, but it’s fair to say that since then, a great deal more has been added to Unchained.

The Siege of Heaven: Desolation update is available from today, launching alongside the game’s fifth season on Quest.

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