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Huge Virtual Desktop Update Improves VR Latency, New Environments, And Compatibility Fixes

Huge Virtual Desktop Update Improves VR Latency, New Environments, And Compatibility Fixes

Today solo-developer Guy Godin released version 1.18 of Virtual Desktop which includes a wide variety of improvements and new content including improved VR latency, a performance overlay feature for VR game streaming, and compatibility fixes.

Virtual Desktop Update 1.18 – 3 new environments, improved VR latency, new performance overlay in VR games, fix for Stormland, The Climb and more! from r/OculusQuest

According to Godin’s comments on Reddit, this update should improve latency by about 10ms when streaming VR games to a standalone headset like the Quest or Quest 2. The “Performance Overlay” option allows you to monitor framerate and latency for anything you’re streaming. Compatibility issues should also be resolved when streaming VR games like Stormland, The Climb, Star Wars: Squadrons from Steam, and more.

Here are the full release notes according to Godin:

Added new Modern Apartment environments

Added Performance overlay option in the Streaming tab

Added Reset to defaults button in the Streaming tab

Reduced latency when streaming VR games

Displayed VR latency is now more accurate and represents the total motion-to-photon latency

Virtual desktop microphone no longer gets disabled on disconnect

Fixed game compatibility with: Stormland, The Climb, Star Wars: Squadrons (Steam), Hellblade, Rez Infinite, Bigscreen (Steam), Pulsar Lost Colony, Propagation VR

The most excited bit to me though is the new ‘Modern Apartment’ environment with three different ambient settings, including a fully animated cityscape background. Not even the backgrounds in Oculus Home are animated like this. If only there was a way to port this in as my default Oculus Home environment to replace Cyber City.

What do you think of this update? Let us know down in the comments below!

Correction: The update is v1.18, not 1.8 as we originally reported.

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