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HTC May Have Pre-Sold 15,000 Vives In 10 Minutes

HTC May Have Pre-Sold 15,000 Vives In 10 Minutes

Even though the Oculus Rift was available for pre-order since January we haven’t heard more than hints of happiness from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarding how it’s going.

HTC, on the other hand, may have just dropped a very interesting datapoint regarding how well the Vive pre-orders are going. The device was available for pre-order at 7 a.m. PST today. HTC’s Shen Ye tweeted:

If those $800 pre-orders become actual sales when the orders start shipping in April, those 10 minutes would represent some $12 million in revenue for Taiwan-based HTC in a completely new product category. It’s not what an iPhone would sell in that span of time, but it’s still a remarkable figure for a new device and for virtual reality. Plus, it only represents a fraction of the virtual reality systems people tried buying from HTC today.

We’ve asked HTC for comment to confirm the figure or provide more detail.

Also, it’s hardly a fair comparison for a number of reasons, but the only other number released about VR’s popularity is that 5 million Google Cardboard viewers have shipped since June 2014.

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