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Looks Like HTC Is Actually Teasing A New VR Headset This Time

Looks Like HTC Is Actually Teasing A New VR Headset This Time

HTC teased another image to its Twitter account along with the suggestion that a VR headset geared toward the enterprise market is on the way.

The new tweet references the recent announcement of a new HTC Vive Tracker and facial expression sensor with the tease “now that the accessories are out of the way, let’s get down to business.” Check it out in the tweet below:

Though we can’t be positive as to the meaning of the teaser, we think it’s likely HTC is teasing an enterprise-focused headset here. HTC spent years receding further and further from consumers and into the enterprise market for VR as it was priced out of competition for consumers by the ever-decreasing price of Facebook’s VR products. Meanwhile, HTC’s initial VR partner Valve targeted the high end of the consumer market with the Valve Index headset in 2019. By March 2021, Valve secured 16 percent of PC VR usage on Steam while HTC’s own Vive Cosmos occupied just 1 percent.

Business customers, however, have needs different from consumers and some enterprises may require not depending on Facebook for key software and hardware. In addition, Facebook’s social network doesn’t operate inside China where HTC focuses the core of its offerings.

We’re curious to see what HTC has in store. Let us know in the comments if you have any theories.

Update: After publication a sentence was changed to clarify the expectations around the business focus of this particular tease.

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