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New HP Reverb G2 Orders Won't Ship Until 2021

New HP Reverb G2 Orders Won't Ship Until 2021

HP’s Reverb G2 is now arriving to people who placed pre-orders, but if you place your order in the United States now you won’t receive the hardware until at least January.

The update provided by HP’s United States distribution partner Connection explains that pre-orders placed prior to October 25 should still arrive in 2020 “on a first come, first served basis.” New orders are “expected to begin shipping in January 2021,” the update email explains. “While we have shipped a substantial number of units, we are still waiting on additional inventory to fulfill all pre-orders.” A note was also posted to the hardware’s pre-order site:

Jamie Feltham praised the incredible clarity of the display in his HP Reverb G2 hardware review but took issue with the controllers for the new headset. The device combines the ease of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality inside out tracking with some of Valve’s hardware innovations. For example, Reverb G2 includes the same speakers that were so powerful on 2019’s Valve Index headset.

The global pandemic of 2020 affected most manufacturers but it is kind of a bummer to see a repeat of 2019. The year ended with some of the most interesting VR headsets, like the original Quest and Valve Index, back-ordered for weeks in the run-up to Christmas. While this update for the HP Reverb G2 is certainly a sign that VR sales are strong, it is still robbing VR developers of paying customers if the people who want headsets have to wait months to get their hands on it.

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