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How To Exercise And Work Out In VR - Meta Quest 2 & More

How To Exercise And Work Out In VR - Meta Quest 2 & More

Want to work out and exercise in VR, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with our VR exercise guide.

It’s becoming increasingly common to exercise in VR. What might seem like a gimmick is becoming increasingly legitimate and popular, with more options than ever to tailor a VR workout to your needs.

Here’s our guide on what headset, apps and accessories will work best for you.

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Which VR Headset For Virtual Workouts?

Boxing supernatural

When it comes to workouts and exercising in VR, the Meta Quest 2 is the best headset for the job, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it’s standalone, so there’s no other equipment required and it’s a fully portable device. You won’t have to manage any wires or other connections while working out, and you can use it anywhere in a pinch, even while travelling. It’s versatile and the most worry-free headset while in operation, which is what you want if you’re working out.

It also has far and away the best library of VR workout apps and experiences. While some of those apps are also available on other platforms, the Quest platform is becoming the place to be for lifestyle VR users. It’s already attracted more interest from fitness and workout developers than any other headset, and we expect that to continue.

We’ll be focusing on the Quest 2 below for these reasons, but if you already have a PC VR or PSVR headset, some of the info should still apply. Just check which apps and accessories are available for your particular headset.

You can read more about the Quest 2 and other headset options here.

Best VR Apps For Virtual Workouts


There are two types of workouts in VR — those that are specifically designed as such, usually featuring sessions with standard workout activities like squats and boxing, and other games or apps that weren’t specifically designed for working out, but can be used in that way regardless.

For workout-specific apps, we’d recommend looking into Supernatural, Les Mills Bodycombat, FitXR, Holofit or VZFit. Each has different advantages, features and workout types, along with different pricing models — one-off payments vs subscription models.

For other games that can be used in a workout capacity, maybe look at experiences like Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Until You Fall, OhShape or Thrill of the Fight. These aren’t workout apps right off the bat, but you’ll be able to tailor the experience to your needs once you’re familiar with them, providing you with some high-intensity exercise sessions.

You can read about the options in both categories in our article here.

Best VR Accessories For Working Out


While not necessary, there are a few accessories that might help make VR workouts more comfortable.

If you’re still using the standard Quest head strap, something a bit more secure might help with weight distribution and comfort. The official Elite Strap is a good option for this.

Working out with a headset on your face will probably make things quite sweaty — an alternative facial interface or cover, like those available from VRCover, can help slick sweat away and ensure you standard interface doesn’t get gross over time.

Likewise, if you want to minimize sweat and slipperiness when using the Touch controllers, a rubber grip like the ones available from Kiwi or AMVR might be a good option.

You can read more about these options over on our Quest 2 accessories list.

Do you enjoy working out in VR? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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