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HoloLens 2 Now Available To Purchase Direct For Non-Enterprise Customers

HoloLens 2 Now Available To Purchase Direct For Non-Enterprise Customers

The HoloLens 2 is now available to purchase for regular consumers in the United States, direct from Microsoft’s online store. Previously, the AR headset was only available at an enterprise level, and businesses were required to contact Microsoft to discuss placing an order.

Microsoft’s second enterprise-level AR headset, the HoloLens 2, began shipping in late 2019. However, now just over a year later, US consumers are able to place an order for the headset online through the Microsoft Store. Upon launch, the headset was aimed at an enterprise level, priced at $3500 per unit — $1000 above the Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Any prospective business looking to adopt HoloLens headsets had to contact Microsoft to discuss purchase options.

A screenshot of the HoloLens landing page, featuring a new ‘Buy Now’ button.

However, on the US Microsoft site, the device is now available to be purchased directly on the HoloLens webpage — any visitor is able to add the HoloLens 2 directly into their cart and place an order. At the time of writing, Microsoft offers a 2-day express shipping for the headset as well, so you wouldn’t have to wait very long for it to turn up on your doorstep.

However, don’t get too excited — just because the HoloLens 2 is available to purchase online doesn’t mean it’s any less pricey or overflowing with consumer-facing apps yet. If you’re sitting at home and fancy placing an order, you’ll still have to shell out a hefty $3500 to get your hands on one.

We first went hands-on with the device in February of 2019. At the time, Jamie was quite impressed, calling it ‘an AR headset that [he’d] actually use‘. You can place an order for a HoloLens 2 over on Microsoft’s website.

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