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Holoception Is An Innovative, Physics-Based VR Action Game (Video)

Holoception Is An Innovative, Physics-Based VR Action Game (Video)

Holonautic announced that their debut title Holoception will release into early access on October 24 for the Oculus Rift, Vive and Valve Index via Steam.

Our Managing Editor Ian got access to a build of the game this weekend, and captured some footage of the game’s tutorial on the Valve Index, embedded above. 

The game is a cartoon-ish physics-based action game that lets you pull off some sick moves using a plethora of different weapons, guns and gadgets. The combat looks amazing, but it’s also got a humorous tone judging from the trailers.

Importantly, the game also introduces some innovative play options – the game uses both first and third-person perspectives. Unlike most VR games that stick to first-person, Holoception lets you control a third person stick figure that accurately mirrors your own head and hand movements in miniature.

According to the Holoception site, the benefit of this mechanic is you can pull off full and intense movements – like jumping, running and climbing – with a much smaller chance of motion sickness than with first-person gameplay.

Besides that, there is a truly vast amount of different guns, mechanics and action sequences on display in the launch trailer alone. That being said, there’s also a trove of content on the Holonautic YouTube channel, which dives into a bunch of the different mechanics and gadgets on offer, demoing how each of them works. These videos are definitely worth checking out further if your interest was piqued by the trailer above.

One particularly cool gadget is the HoloGloves, which pretty much gives you the force from Star Wars. You can pick up, push and pull objects, including enemies, through the air. It looks like a heap of fun.

Holoception launches into early access on October 24. Will you be trying it out? Let us know in the comments.

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