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New Hitman VR Gameplay And Details Debut In Developer Video

New Hitman VR Gameplay And Details Debut In Developer Video

Hitman is coming to VR next year, and it looks like IO Interactive is pulling out all the stops with its port.

A new developer video for the game arrived today, giving us a closer look at new gameplay elements. We saw a few more levels beyond what was revealed in last week’s announcement, but also members of the IO Interactive team are on hand to discuss the work going into the VR version.

It sounds like IO is giving this port the proper treatment. For example, the developers confirmed that the game’s melee attacks aren’t just executed with a simple button press but an actual swing of your hand. Shootouts, meanwhile, turn into physical cover-based affairs and stealth will see you crouch down to hide in tall grass. Plus several moments in the game look incredibly immersive, like hiding in a closet to wait for targets, though they definitely touch on VR’s more sinister side.

What the developer didn’t touch on, however, was supported platforms. Hitman 3 is coming to both PS4 and PS5 and, as we wrote last weekend, it would be a very weird choice to let us play the PS4 version in VR but not the PS5 version. We’re sure an interesting explanation is due at some point in the future. PS5 launches later this year and will support the original PSVR headset, plus all the original controllers you used to play existing PSVR games.

How do you think we’ll be playing Hitman VR in January? Let us know in the comments below!

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