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Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum Is A Free Spin-Off Of The Gallery Ep. 2

Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum Is A Free Spin-Off Of The Gallery Ep. 2

The Gallery: Episode 2 – Heart of the Emberstone is a great game. So great, in fact, we’ve got it nominated several times in our Best of 2017 nominee list and really look forward to seeing where that series goes next with Episode 3. In the meantime, we can sink our teeth into this expanded, standalone release featuring Episode 2’s addictive Coliseum.

In the core game the Coliseum was a bit of a one-off piece of content but now the team at Cloudhead have cut out that section of the experience and released it as its very own free VR game for people to try. Think of it as like a polished, post-launch demo in a way. In fact, Episode 2 is directly linked and advertised on Coliseum’s page right under the free download button on Steam.

“Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum is set to break the monotony of the usual arcade fare in VR with a taste of a bigger adventure. Coliseum offers a telekinetic playground where you can wield the Gauntlet, a mystical power from the planet of Ember, to build, create, and destroy with the palm of your hand…This sandbox version is a small slice from the full Heart of the Emberstone experience, allowing players to peek into the dark past of Ember and the story it holds. Coliseum was built to showcase uniquely VR-tailored gameplay to enthusiasts, with puzzles and interactions that play to the powers and strengths of VR. Coliseum also offers a jumping point for new players to experiment with various locomotion options, and to get a grand sense of scale and beauty in a risk-free environment.”

Heart of the Emberstone: Coliseum is out now with official support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for free. You can find it on Steam or on Oculus Home. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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