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Hand Physics Lab To Receive 'The Grip Update' On October 16

Hand Physics Lab To Receive 'The Grip Update' On October 16

The Hand Physics Lab for Oculus Quest is set to receive its first major update since launch, The Grip Update, which improves interactions with objects and adds all new features.

Hand Physics Lab launched earlier this year in May, and provided users with a bunch of different scenarios that perfectly demonstrated the possibilities (and limitations) of the Oculus Quest’s controller-free hand tracking support. That being said, picking up items could sometimes be tedious and inconsistent in the original release. If the grip update does actually live up to its name, then the Hand Physics Lab can continue its reign as one of the best demonstrative hand-tracking experiences on the Quest.

The changes in the update involve more than just improvements to object interaction — there’s also UI changes and more props. You can see some of those changes in the trailer above, plus the developers gave a full breakdown on Reddit:

This is the biggest Hand Physics Lab update yet with a brand new predictive and dynamic snapping system allowing you to seamlessly and firmly grab objects. Along this new system, many new features and improvements are coming as well, including better hand and finger physics, controller support, telekinesis, teleportation, a brand new lab design, a friendly clone, a new UI, and many many new PROPS and setups to play with!

The Grip Update for Hand Physics Lab launches October 16 for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, available via sideloading through SideQuest. A private beta will also run before the official release, which you can sign up to in the game’s Discord server.

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