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Fan Made Half-Life VR Quest Port Looks Promising

Fan Made Half-Life VR Quest Port Looks Promising

Valve’s flagship VR game is sadly still under wraps. While we wait, though, this fan conversion of Half-Life for Oculus Quest has our attention.

Reddit user DrBeef_ldn is sharing progress on an unofficial port of Valve’s beloved first-person shooter. The developer started out a few weeks ago but recently shared a new look. The game now has six degrees of freedom (6DOF) controls which means that, yes, you can realistically swing a crowbar.

The work-progress-video certainly shows promise. It’s taken from the game’s tutorial but shows the crowbar and assault rifle in action. The audio issues are down to the Quest capture itself, apparently. No word yet on when we might be able to give the port a try for ourselves. The developer has since confirmed that all of the game’s weapons now work with the 6DOF controls. We shudder at the thought of using the bug-type weapon.

Modders are also doing the same thing for Oculus’ other mobile platform, Oculus Go.

We’re still expecting at least one of Valve’s multiple upcoming VR games to be set in the Half-Life universe. It might not explicitly be Half-Life 3 but still a shooter set inside that world. That’s more than enough for us.

Obviously if this were to be released it would be a sideloaded app. You can walk through the steps to get your headset ready using our handy guide.

Elsewhere the long-awaited, fan-made VR version of Half-Life 2 is still in the works. Last week we also played the first demo for Vertigo 2, a Valve-inspired VR game that holds promise.

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