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H3VR Alpha Update Adds Grappling Hook Climbing

H3VR Alpha Update Adds Grappling Hook Climbing

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grandes (H3VR) is testing a grappling hook and gigantic new level for its popular take and hold mode.

The new update arrived in an alpha testing channel on Steam and you can check out developer Anton Hand from RUST LTD. previewing the new features in his developer log below. For those unfamiliar, H3VR has been in development for more than five years with constant updates expanding its physics playgrounds focused around an expanding collection of firearms and attachments. The title never goes on sale, held its $19.99 price the entire time its been in early access development, and carries more than 11,000 reviews with an overwhelmingly positive rating. For some folks, it is the only game they play and the reason to get a VR headset.

With the grappling hook update, Hand and the small team at RUST LTD. are starting to explore a new locomotion system for its title that could open up lots of new ways to play. The take and hold mode sees players “seize and defend randomized parts of maze-like environments while buying, selling and modifying their equipment,” as Hand describes it.

The grappling hook is also joined by climbing axes that can help players navigate cliff faces and “other rough terrain vertical features” across the square kilometer of its new level, “Northest Dakota”. Update 99 also includes  “new play modifiers, with challenges for top level veterans and novice players alike,” according to Hand.

H3VR game owners can access the new alpha be right-clicking on the game in Steam and going through the following steps:

  • Go to Properties
  • Click Betas
  • Click The Dropdown
  • Select TakeAndHoldAlpha!

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