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Gravity Sketch's Art Creation Platform Goes Free, Even On Oculus Quest

Gravity Sketch's Art Creation Platform Goes Free, Even On Oculus Quest

Creative tool set Gravity Sketch is free from today on all platforms for individual users.

The software is available on Oculus Quest and will graduate from early access soon on Steam and the Oculus Rift stores. Becoming free on Oculus Quest, though, means it may become the entry point for in-VR art creation ahead of Google’s Tilt Brush. There’s also a paid business version of the app that will be required, at least for now, to unlock co-creation features so that you can make something live in VR with someone else.

“For the time being, Co-Creation is only available to business customers until we can further develop and optimize the hosting technology to support individual peer to peer usage,” explains Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Co-Founder and CEO of Gravity Sketch in a blog post.

Developers of the software are changing the business model to grow its userbase and “better understand and support more creative workflows: Where are the challenges? How can the use of our platform improve creative communication? Providing a free product allows us to welcome a more diverse user group,” Sosanya wrote. There’s also an iPad version of the software nearing completion that could turn Gravity Sketch into a robust creativity platform that starts in VR but extends to other platforms as well.

The free version of the app will get export options for IGES and FBX, though the latter option is only on PC-based headset for now and will be available later as an option via Gravity’s Sketch’s LandingPad cloud management service. The business version of the app provides “a range of tailored features, onboarding, training, and support services to business customers alongside their deployment of Gravity Sketch. As part of this, business customers also get a secure organisation wide LandingPad account allowing them to manage user access and permissions, centralise files/content management, expansive storage, and access Co-Creation features for real-time collaboration.”

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