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Gravity Lab Oculus Quest Release Date Confirmed

Gravity Lab Oculus Quest Release Date Confirmed

Mark Schramm’s Gravity Lab is coming to Oculus Quest very soon.

The gravity-defying VR puzzler will touch down on the standalone headset on August 20th. Schramm made the announcement this week as the game’s wishlist page went live on the Oculus Store. The game was one of the first titles to release for the Oculus Touch controllers when they arrived in last 2016, so this is a bit of a full-circle moment for Schramm, who is now a member of the Superhot VR team.

In Gravity Lab, your goal is to get a series of balls from one side of a given course to the other. To do this, players can place different objects and obstacles in mid-air. It’s a little like a VR version of Lemmings; you’ll set up a series of ramps and jumps to get the balls where they need to go. Check out the trailer for the game above.

We first confirmed that the game was coming to Oculus Quest during the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition earlier this year. The game arrives with 30 puzzles, each complete with three difficulty modes. Plus, as you might have hoped, there’s a sandbox mode for designing your own courses, and you can even shrink levels downs in a miniature mode or use one hand in a dedicated mode too.

Elsewhere in the Quest line-up, we know that Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is coming to the device in early September, but it’s otherwise a pretty quiet time for VR releases. Will you be picking Gravity Lab Oculus Quest up? Let us know in the comments below!

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