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Gorilla Tag Made $26 Million In Revenue On Quest App Lab

Gorilla Tag Made $26 Million In Revenue On Quest App Lab

A new interview from GamesBeat reveals that Gorilla Tag, the free-to-play VR multiplayer hit, made $26 million in revenue from in-app purchases while it was on App Lab.

Developer by Another Axiom, Gorilla Tag launched in Steam Early Access for PC VR and on SideQuest for Quest headsets in February 2021, before becoming available on App Lab for Quest a month later. By November 2021, the game hit 1.5 million players and began implementing in-app purchases on Quest, offering players a selection of cosmetic items.

The game stayed on App Lab until late last year, when it finally graduated to the full Quest Store on December 15. Gorilla Tag is still available free on both Quest and Steam, with all revenue coming from in-app purchases.

In light of the GamesBeat interview, this has clearly been a potent strategy for Another Axiom. Not only did the game bring in $26 million in revenue during the 13 months it was available on App Lab, but player numbers are continuing to grow. Another Axiom revealed to GamesBeat that the game’s peak monthly user count is now 2.3 million players. Plus, a whopping 760,000 users played Gorilla Day on Christmas Day in 2022.

Those are some incredibly impressive numbers and a fantastic success story for VR developers. Another Axiom’s COO David Yee spoke to GamesBeat about the success:

“Contrary to a lot of public discourse, VR is in a really really good place right now and things are getting better. […] That Gorilla Tag can be a success means VR is successful. A message we want to share for the VR industry is that it’s possible for developers to have a meaningful hit in VR and the audience wants content.”

If you’re not one of the millions of people who are already playing it, Gorilla Tag is available free on Quest and PC VR via Steam.

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