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Google's Pixel Phones Get Big Discounts With Free Daydream View

Google's Pixel Phones Get Big Discounts With Free Daydream View

Google’s Pixel phones are a great place to get started with Daydream VR, and now they’re available at a hefty discount.

Both the Pixel and the enlarged Pixel XL have had their prices slashed for the next two weeks as part of Google Store’s Back to School promotion (yes, they’re already doing that). The XL has a whole $200 slashed off of its price tag, falling from $769 to $569, while the Pixel drops from $649 to $524, saving you $125. The smaller device might be the cheaper of the two, then, but the $45 distance between them means you might want to pick up the XL instead.

Both deals only appear to be in the US right now; the UK prices remain the same.

Whatsmore, Google is throwing in free Daydream View headsets with every purchase (make sure to add it to your cart, though). The headset usually sells for around $79 and comes with everything you need to jump into the Daydream ecosystem.

Take note, though, that this sale may well be taking place to clear the way for the future. Rumors around the tech industry suggest that Google is getting ready unveil its successor to last year’s Pixel phones, which released last October. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest hardware to run your VR experience then you might want to hold off on picking up one of these devices and see what the company is planning next.

Even then, if you’re only about the VR you might want to hold on until the release of the company’s Daydream standalone devices, made with partners like HTC and Lenovo. They’ve got positional tracking built in and should run the same content, you just won’t be able to phone anybody with them. Or you could just get Samsung’s Galaxy S8, which supports both Daydream and Gear VR. The choice is yours.

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