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Ghostbusters VR Confirmed For Release On PSVR 2

Ghostbusters VR Confirmed For Release On PSVR 2

Sony Pictures Virtual Reality confirmed that Ghostbusters VR will also release on PSVR 2, after it was announced for Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) back in April.

That’s pretty much the only scrap of info we have on the PSVR 2 version for now — there’s no specific release date, but then again, we don’t even know when PSVR 2 itself is slated to launch yet.

There’s also no release date for the Quest 2 version of the game either, but we do know that it will be a Quest 2 exclusive at launch. The game was announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase in April, which featured a line-up of games that were all said to release within a year of the showcase airing. At the latest then (and presuming no delays) Ghostbusters VR would be set for April 2023, with a PSVR 2 release sometime after that.

So far, details on the game are scarce. We know that it will feature both single and multiplayer modes with cooperative gameplay, but little else. You can view the first trailer embedded above, but bear in mind that it’s a cinematic trailer rendered in the game’s engine — it isn’t actual 1:1 gameplay footage.

Today also marks the anniversary of the original Ghostbusters film, released in 1984. The PSVR 2 release isn’t the only piece of VR news announced today for Ghostbusters fans either. Sony Pictures Virtual Reality also announced a new location-based VR experience called Ghostbusters VR Academy. This will let up to 4 players don proton packs and pilot a flying ECTO vehicle at over 400 locations worldwide — more info here.

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