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Gambit! Releases This Week, New Municipal Mayhem PvP Mode Revealed

Gambit! Releases This Week, New Municipal Mayhem PvP Mode Revealed

After multiple delays, Gambit! is set to release this week on April 6 for Quest and PC VR.

XREAL Games, the team behind Zero Caliber VR, first unveiled the co-operative VR heist shooter back in 2020. Initially set to release in 2021, it then faced delays to May 2022 and then again to December 2022. The day before its December 2022 release, it was pushed once again to Q1 2023. However, the release now seems set in stone, with a Quest store page live and a new date set for later this week on April 6.

We spoke to XREAL Games about the content that will be available at release and the changes made in light of the continued delays. Since the end of last year, XREAL Games told us that the team has been “focusing on core gameplay polish and optimisation, moving the HUD to a wrist watch, cross-play server stability” and more.

The team also revealed a new multiplayer PvP mode available at launch called Municipal Mayhem. You can check out some footage of the mode above, but the gist is that it’s basically a short and sweet, Battle Royale-like PvP mode for four players. The last man standing wins, with the emphasis truly on short sessions with matches that should only last around 2-5 minutes each.

Players will collect points in Municipal Mayhem (200 for 1st place, scaling down to -100 for 4th place), which will move them up and down on a tournament ladder and progress towards unlocks for new masks, skins and other content.

Alongside Municipal Mayhem and a classic four-player Deathmatch PvP mode, Gambit! will of course also feature a main campaign mode, playable in single player or co-op with up to four players. Previously, XReal Games promised a 20+ hour campaign for the game. When UploadVR asked about estimated campaign playtime ahead of launch this week, XREAL Games said the studio would rather not make any public estimations.

There’s also a new game mode in the works called Consumer Cleanup, which is a zombie mode “with a twist” that also includes a “completely new campaign narrative.” However, it won’t make it into the game for release – XREAL Games says it will arrive as a post-launch update instead and claims it will double the game’s playtime.

Gambit! is available later this week on Quest and PC VR for $19.99, with full cross-platform play support on day one.

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