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New Firewall Zero Hour Content Drops In Operation: Syndicate Update

New Firewall Zero Hour Content Drops In Operation: Syndicate Update

First Contact Entertainment revealed new content coming to Firewall Zero Hour for its fifth season, as part of the Operation: Syndicate update. It includes a new map, a new contractor and some new weapons as well.

Season Five of Firewall Zero Hour begins from today and follows up the previous update, Operation: Black Dawn, that coincided with the start of the game’s fourth season. The game was also offered as a free PS+ title around the same time, so this new Operation: Syndicate update may be the first big content drop for many new players who joined back in February.

Perhaps one of the biggest additions is the new map, which is available for free to all existing Firewall players. Called Blacksite, this latest map is set in a heavily-militarized sector of a Middle Eastern city at sunset, and will feature some tight engagement zones spread across an open-air markets, alleyways and apartment interiors.

A new contractor is also included in the update — Lucia Gallo from Italy, better known by her ‘hacker handle’, Luna. She has a unique skill called ‘backtrace’ which allows players to see an outline of all signal jammers for 4 seconds. Luna will only be available to paid Operation: Syndicate Pass holders.

The update also includes 24 new cosmetic rewards available throughout the season, plus a new weapon and legendary weapon skin — the Custom ZS and Luna’s HZU. The former is a short-range submachine gun available to players who complete the Free Mission in the first week of the season. The latter is a Legendary Weapon Skin available to Op Pass holders who redeem 250,000 Crypto and complete the 24 Free, Premium and Bonus Missions available in Operation: Syndicate.

Will you be jumping into Operation: Syndicate? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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