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Next-Gen Shooter Firewall Ultra Launches On PSVR 2

Next-Gen Shooter Firewall Ultra Launches On PSVR 2

Firewall Ultra is out now exclusively for PlayStation VR2 headsets.

The highly anticipated shooter from First Contact Entertainment uses key new PSVR 2 features like eye tracking toward the goal of developing a more refined tactical game than its 2018 predecessor, Firewall Zero Hour. For example, earlier this year we noted how the blinding effects of the game's flash bangs or flashlights can be reduced by simply shutting your eyes quickly enough.

"It's a natural reaction your body has – you don't have to remember what button does what," said First Contact Entertainment spokesperson David Jagneaux, adding that with when making use of weapons like the new sniper rifle, in conjunciton with eye tracking and a button press, it can "give you more intention with your shot."

We tried out the game earlier this year and barely scratched the surface of its strategies, so we'll be looking to dive in in the coming days with active servers and see how it holds up.

Firewall Ultra's main draw is a 4v4 mode which sees teams attempt to hack a laptop or defend it, but there's a cooperative Exfil mode as well for up to four players working together to hack three laptops and get out. Just ahead of launch, First Contact Entertainment released a roadmap promising new co-op modes, maps, weapons, and contractors.

The Year 1 Roadmap encapsulates plans for the first full year of content and updates for Firewall Ultra. Operations 1 through 4 will include 60 Rewards. Rewards include 1 Contractor + 1 Skill, 1 Weapon, Other Rewards [Encrypted]. Separate from the Operations, there will be 2 new maps and 2 new co-op modes.

Operation Pass (each sold separately) and additional gameplay required to unlock each Operation’s contractor, skill, weapon, and premium rewards. Rewards require additional gameplay to unlock for the duration of its respective operation.

We'll be curious to see how active Firewall Ultra's servers get through the holiday season as it's shaping up to be a cornerstone of Sony's multiplayer shooter strategy for the PSVR 2. Check back for our review soon.

Firewall Ultra is available now on the PlayStation Store.

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