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Firewall Ultra Will Add 'Ultra Mode' Post-Launch With Manual Reloads

Firewall Ultra Will Add 'Ultra Mode' Post-Launch With Manual Reloads

First Contact Entertainment will support manual reloading, adding a hardcore "ultra mode" in a post-launch update to Firewall Ultra.

Revealed by First Contact Entertainment CEO Hess Barber in a comment on YouTube, the confirmation follows press previews last month for the upcoming tactical shooter. Alongside details on its eye-tracking support, news emerged that Ultra uses single-button reloading instead of a manual reloading system, a move that's faced criticism from VR FPS fans.


Underneath Gamertag VR's CruCast PSVR2 Debate, Barber left the following comment:

An "Ultra mode" is coming post-launch with manual reloads, friendly fire and no aim assist for the hardcore players. This will be a separate mode than our main public matchmaking, it is for pro players and it will not replace our current auto reload. It will live alongside it for those that prefer that way to play.

We're looking for more details and will update if we receive any. Firewall Ultra arrives exclusively on PSVR 2 "soon", and you can check out our hands-on preview to learn more.

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Firewall Ultra on PSVR 2 uses HDR and eye-tracking for a new VR tactic. You can avoid the effects of a flashbang by closing your eyes before it explodes.

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