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Facebook: Quest 2 Pre-Orders 5x More Than Original Quest

Facebook: Quest 2 Pre-Orders 5x More Than Original Quest

In its Q3 Earnings Call yesterday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed pre-orders for the Oculus Quest 2 were more than five times bigger than those of the original Quest.

As usual, VR was not the main focus of the earnings call, as it represents a relatively small portion of Facebook’s total earnings and business strategy. We also didn’t hear about the Quest 2’s launch performance, as the headset didn’t officially launch until Q4. However, Q3 did cover much of the pre-order period for the headset, which Facebook says performed five times better than pre-orders for the original Quest.

Here’s the full quote from Zuckerberg on Quest 2, taken from the Q3 earnings call:

This quarter we also took major steps forward in building the next computing platform. We launched Quest 2, our most advanced virtual reality headset, right in time for the holidays. It delivers a real sense of presence — like you’re right there with another person or in another place — and we’ve worked to make it accessible to more people.

It’s lighter, faster, has a sharper screen, and a new price point of just $300. Pre-orders have outpaced the original Quest pre-orders by more than 5x and have surpassed our expectations.

Later in the document, Facebook noted that the headset should have an impact on Q4 earnings. “Oculus Quest 2 orders have been strong which should benefit Other Revenue [in Q4].”

These new quotes are corroborated by previous comments by Facebook than indicated Quest 2 is selling “faster than expected” and beyond expectations.  If you missed it, you can read our full Quest 2 review here.

The full Q3 Earnings Call documents and recordings are available here. You can read a transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s full remarks on his Facebook page.

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