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The Exorcist VR Chapter 1 & 2 Hit Rift And Vive Today, New Trailer Launches

Back in October we reported that Wolf & Wood, the developer of HTC Vive horror game Chair In A Room: Greenwater, was working on an official Exorcist VR series to debut during Halloween. Well, that didn’t quite happen, but fans will be happy to know it’s releasing today.

The first two episodes of the series are now available on Steam. The first installment costs $3.99 for the first week, while the second episode costs $4.99. We already had a first glimpse at the first episode, but below we’ve got a look at the second episode, named Idle Hands. In this episode you’ll visit a mentally ill school teacher and, well, you know, do your thing.

Originally, Wolf & Wood had planned to release the following three episodes in November, December and January 2018 respectively, but with the delay of the first two episodes it’s likely we’ll be waiting a bit longer. Each episode is designed to last around 25 – 30 minutes so you’re ultimately looking at $25 for about two and a half hours of gameplay. Expect a PSVR version of the game later down the line.

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