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Escape From Nefertiti's Tomb Releases On App Lab For Quest On October 15

Escape From Nefertiti's Tomb Releases On App Lab For Quest On October 15

A new VR escape room game, Escape From Nefertiti’s Tomb, is set to release via App Lab for Oculus Quest on October 15, with a SteamVR release soon after.

The title is being developed by WisEngineering Digital Reality Lab, comprised of developers who have worked with some big names like Epic Games, Sony Pictures, Activision and more.

As you can see from the trailer above, it looks to be a pretty comprehensive experience. There’s several rooms you’ll work through in a similar structure to real escape rooms, all set in the ancient tomb of Nefertiti. Here’s a description from developers WisEngineering Digital Reality Lab:

Escape from Nefertiti’s Tomb is a game that is fun and challenging for the whole family. You’ve fallen into the ancient tomb of the greatest Queen of Egypt. You’re trapped! It’s up to you as an explorer and archaeologist to uncover Nefertiti’s secrets to escape your doom. With nothing but your brass lantern, your backpack, and your wits, you must solve the mysteries of the hidden temple as you explore the maze to find the exit so you can escape with your life and tell your tale of adventure, history, and fabulous jeweled riches.

Escape From Nefertiti’s Tomb will release for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 via App Lab for $19.99 on October 15. A SteamVR release is “coming soon” after the release on Oculus Quest.

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