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Echo VR Leaves Open Beta, Now Available On Oculus Quest

Echo VR Leaves Open Beta, Now Available On Oculus Quest

Competitive multiplayer game Echo VR has left open beta and is now available for free on Oculus Quest.

In Echo VR, you play in a zero-gravity room with a single disc in the middle. There are two teams, and the aim is to push and boost yourself through the floaty environment to grab the disc and fling it into the goal. It’s a simple concept but one that could only work in VR. The game has been a multiplayer staple since it first launched for the Oculus Rift.

After a long wait, Echo VR released an open beta for Oculus Quest earlier this year. Now, after a few months of testing and minor adjustments, the game moves out of beta and into full release on the Oculus Quest store.

Despite leaving beta, if you’ve already tried the game you probably won’t notice any huge changes. In an interview with Facebook, Ready at Dawn Studios said that the beta helped them “scale to support the continued growth of the community” from the Quest launch, plus make a few tweaks to the social features as well.

“Before Quest, our players have been a dedicated core group that started on the Rift three years ago and have evolved with the game as we released updates,” said Ready at Dawn producer Johnny Wing. “The new players on Quest found it difficult to use our social controls, so in our final product, we made it easier for individuals to use our social controls like muting and ghosting. We also introduced new default social settings that help players determine how interactive they want to be with others in the lobby.”

Last month, we named Echo VR the best multiplayer experience available in Quest, so it’s exciting to see it finally move into full release.

Have you tried Echo VR on Quest yet? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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