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Echo VR Gets 90Hz Support On Oculus Quest 2

Echo VR Gets 90Hz Support On Oculus Quest 2

Another big Oculus Quest 2 game just got support for one of the headset’s most important features; Echo VR 90Hz support is live.

A hotfix for the zero gravity multiplayer hit, launched yesterday, enabled official support on the new headset. That means matches of Echo VR will look smoother and more convincing than they did before and still do on Quest 1’s 72Hz display. It could just be that 90Hz support gives you the edge in online matches, too.

Elsewhere the hotfix addresses issues with controller dead zones, which reportedly weren’t working quite right on the new Quest 2 controllers, and there’s plenty of other fixes and tweaks.

Echo VR remains a high-ranking title in our like of the 25 best Oculus Quest games, so it’s great to see the title get continued support on the platform. That said, in September, developer Ready at Dawn confirmed that it isn’t currently working on bringing the game’s expansion, Echo Combat to Quest, though plans could change in the future.

Meanwhile, the now Facebook-owned Ready at Dawn continues to work on Oculus Rift exclusive, Lone Echo 2, which now looks to be releasing in 2021. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen anything solid from the single-player follow-up, and we’re wondering if there might be any significant changes to its release. Could we perhaps see the game come to SteamVR much like tomorrow’s release of the Facebook-published Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond?

Will you be checking out Lone Echo 2’s 90Hz update? Let us know in the comments below!

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