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Drums Rock Brings Hellish Demon Drumming To Oculus Quest In Late 2021

Drums Rock Brings Hellish Demon Drumming To Oculus Quest In Late 2021

Drums Rock combines VR drumming, heavy rock music and demon-destroying action on Oculus Quest in late 2021.

As anyone with a VR headset will know, there’s no shortage of rhythm games available on the platform. However, recently we’ve seen a particular uptick in drumming rhythm games such as Smash! Drums and Ragnarock, to which Drums Rock will be the latest addition.

Drums Rock’s premise looks to be similar at its core to other physical rhythm drum games — each piece of the drum kit is assigned a color, which you have to hit at the right time similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. However, there’s a VR twist: the indicators that tell you when to hit each drum piece come in the form of flying demons.

That’s right, this hell-themed rock game is sending colored demons flying towards you and you’re only option to defeat them it to hit the matching-colored drum at the right time.

drums rock

Developers Garage 51 say they wanted to create a rhythm game inspired by classic rock music, combining it with elements of horde mode gameplay. It will feature an original rock soundtrack, unlockable songs and cosmetics, and both a campaign and challenge mode.

There’s no word on whether Drums Rock will release on the Oculus Store or App Lab for Quest, or whether it might also make its way to PC VR or PSVR platforms either. Expect to hear more in a few month’s time.

Drums Rock will release later this year for Oculus Quest. You can learn more over at the Drums Watch website.

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