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Dreamscape Men In Black Location-Based VR Experience Launches October 1

Dreamscape Men In Black Location-Based VR Experience Launches October 1

Dreamscape is launching a new location-based VR experience based on the Men In Black franchise next month, available at its flagship Westfield Century City location in Los Angeles.

Tickets are available now for Men In Black: First Assignment from October 1 onwards, with a $23.50 general admission price and a 10+ age requirement. Sessions are available roughly every 20-30 minutes from 11am each day, going into the late evening with 10pm sessions.

The Men In Black location-based VR experience was first announced over two years ago, before the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, it was Dreamscape’s first announced experience based on an existing IP — since then, it also announced and launched the DreamWorks Dragons: Flight Academy experience.

Men in black vr dreamscape

No launch date was given for Men In Black: First Assignment back in 2019, but with the pandemic halting most location-based VR for the better part of two years, it seems that the experience is finally ready to go.

First Assignment will support up to six players at a time, who will enter MIB headquarters and take on their first assignment, featuring some tentacled octopoids:

Tentacled Octopoids are threatening the Zarthanian royal family, who hold the key to intergalactic peace. Traveling aboard zippy hoverbikes, guests and their team of agents will work together to evade the alien invaders and hopefully make their way safely back to the MIB homebase. 

MIB: First Assignment is only available at the Century City location for now, but Dreamscape says it will come to its other locations soon. This Sunday will also be the last day to experience The Blu: Deep Rescue at Century City, presumably so it can make way for Men In Black just a few days later.

Tickets for Men In Black: First Assignment are available now.

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