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DOOM (1993) Now Fully Playable In VR On Oculus Quest Via Sidequest

DOOM (1993) Now Fully Playable In VR On Oculus Quest Via Sidequest

A powerful engine and launcher modifying the original DOOM from 1993 for dual hand controls and standalone room-scale VR is available now for Oculus Quest via sideloading.

The QuestZDOOM engine and launcher app from DrBeef and Baggyg modifies DOOM for VR, bringing the original as well as many of its mods and spin-offs including DOOM II, Heretic, and Hexen to the Oculus Quest wireless headset. There are some free downloads available through the software including FreeDoom, but if you own copies of the other classic games you can load those up as well.

You can grab the packages on Sidequest now — the launcher app is here and the engine is here — and we have a full guide to show you how to get the games on your Quest.

We tried the tools recently and found ourselves tearing through hell remarkably fast, with the engine bringing the game to VR with impressive fidelity. There’s something pretty amazing about playing a game that’s more than 25 years old in completely standalone VR and physically leaning or walking through environments that have by now become iconic.

I recently ran through the first few levels of the original game in VR and you can check out that footage here:

David Jagneaux played through some of the additional games available through the tools as well. The recording isn’t the best, though, and any audio or quality issues seen in the video aren’t seen in VR. Check out some of that footage:

Are you ready to revisit the original DOOM in VR? If you’re excited or get it up and running let us know in the comments what you think.

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