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Divine Duel Releases 2023 As Free-To-Play Title On Quest, PC VR

Divine Duel Releases 2023 As Free-To-Play Title On Quest, PC VR

Divine Duel, the competitive 1-on-1 VR fighter from Immersion Games, will be free-to-play on Quest headsets and PC VR at launch in 2023.

First revealed in September with a 2022 release window, Immersion Games, who previously developed Disc Ninja, and Extreme Escape, confirmed Divine Duel’s delay during a recent reveal. Following this news, a new gameplay trailer premiered today during the Upload VR 2022 Winter Showcase, which you can watch below:

In the trailer, you’ll catch a new look at Evergarden, Divine Duel’s fighting arena that changes between seasons. There’s a quick peak at the Armory, which offers over 40 different weapons for your character’s customizable loadout. Boosters can also be spotted, providing abilities like enhanced attack speed for 10 seconds. We also got our first look at Necra the Underqueen and Ishi the War Forger, two playable Celestials who join Vaya the Bioalchemist and Arvald the Solid, rounding out the roster.

Mixing sci-fi and fantasy with magical weaponry, Divine Duel sees players stepping into Evergarden for 1-on-1 duels, where you can merge weapons like swords, staffs and pistols for unique combinations. Immersion promises unique weapon interactions and significant customization options during matches, while magical creatures can be summoned onto the battlefield to fight on your behalf.

Divine Duel arrives in 2023 on the Meta Quest platform and PC VR via Steam. A public beta test on Quest is still coming before launch, with sign ups available through the game’s official website.

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