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Resolution Games Teases Demeo Tabletop RPG Expansion

Resolution Games Teases Demeo Tabletop RPG Expansion

Tabletop role-playing game Demeo isn’t even out yet and Resolution Games is already teasing a major expansion.

Demeo debuts on May 6th for $29.99 on both Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. The title is inspired by classic tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons featuring turn-based battles with up to four players and dice throwing to determine attack strength. There’s also a single-player mode and you can scale the size of the table and get a good look at the action for careful planning of your strategy with friends.

The game launches with an introductory adventure that sees players picking a role as a hunter, sorcerer, assassin or guardian and heading into an Elven Necropolis to “vanquish the unholy armies of The Mad Elven King and set him free.” Gameplay was recently shown off in the following trailer:

With today’s reveal, Resolution is teasing that its next adventure is coming summer 2021 called “Realm of the Rat King”. The tease comes with the confirmation that the game will be regularly updated with new free content, including new environments, enemies and cards. We’re extremely interested to see how Demeo catches on with players across both PCs and standalone VR, and obviously for the type of role-playing genre the game is aiming for, the depth of content is going to be a major draw over time.

Be sure to check and our YouTube channel throughout the week as we dive into the game.

You can find Demeo on Steam and the Oculus store.

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