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Minecraft Inspired cyubeVR Supports 8K Textures & Mods On PSVR 2


cyubeVR is a Minecraft-inspired voxel sandbox that promises 8K textures, mod support and realistic crafting this week on PSVR 2.

Developed by Stonebrick Studios, cyubeVR is an open-world procedurally generated sandbox that launched in 2018 on Steam Early Access. Featuring voxel visuals inspired by Minecraft, this fully destructible world features a dynamic weather system, day-and-night cycle and a 3D crafting system that promises "realistic" VR mechanics. You can watch gameplay below:

After the 57th update to the Steam version, Stonebrick says the PSVR 2 version uses 8K textures through Unreal Engine and eye-tracking support for foveated rendering. cyubeVR also includes official PS5 mod support, letting you "browse, download and install custom mod blocks created by the cyubeVR community" with hundreds of blocks available.

As for what's next, Stonebrick Games outlines its cyubeVR roadmap on a Trello board. Planned updates marked as 'highest priority' currently include switching to Unreal Engine 5, introducing optional evil creatures, sword fighting mechanics, and climbing mechanics. Tool durability, multiplayer support and crafting recipe display changes are also mentioned under 'high priority.'

cyubeVR reaches PSVR 2 on March 16, and it's available now on PC VR via Steam Early Access.

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